How to cook the perfect Steak with great Steak Fries

How to cook the perfect Steak with great Steak Fries

In this clip I am sure you can quickly and focusedly learn all the tips you need to cook the perfect steak with the perfect fries and get the same results as you do in all gourmet restaurants and all that you can do at the comfort of your own home and indulge your family without leaving home
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This clip is for anyone who wants to learn how to cook the perfect steak and
succeed every time without any prior experience
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Chef shay had a passion for cooking since he was a young boy, when the rest of the childrens were playing he was back in the kitchen,creating great meals for family and friends. He started his professional career at age 18 and he has been working in the restaurant industry in nyc for few years, later on he joined the French culinry institute in new york city and has been studied with some of the best french chefs . he graduated  in 1997 and has been working in few french restaurants such bistro style and upscale.  after that Chef shay specilized in other type of cusines such as: Italian, Asian, Mediterranean,  Moroccan,  Middle eastern, Vegan and much more.

  Chef Shay has gained international recognition in the media for his creativity and ability to miraculously combine a variety of styles of cooking together and turn them into masterpieces in all the restaurants where he  worked as a head chef.

 At this point chef Shay made a sharp turn into vegan cooking and became the chef of one of the best vegan restaurants in New York city, there he made groundbreaking changes by turning a vegetarian myth from something limited to unlimitid by making the restaurant into a perfect laboratory, working days and nights to implement all the cooking styles he loved  into vegan style of cooking and did not give up his  3 principles : taste, texture and the presentation of the food, and without feeling the lack of meat on the menu. Chef Shay gave his customers the perfect culinary exprience and his food has received many celebrity fans as well, and  he even managed to turn sworn meat lovers into  his regular clients for the special meaty dishes he had on the menu


 Today after more than 25 years in the culinary industry he spend most of his time teaching others his versatile  style of cooking with a lot of heart and dedication to their sucess. Chef Shay believes that the reason his students succeed in this field is because of the individual training they receive without keeping from them any secrets and because he challenging them to grow forward.

 Chef shay also a culinary advisor for private people and buisnesses.