A classic cooking course

About the course

A professional, international-class cookery course, the device for professional cooks, people with no knowledge of cooking or who want to upgrade their kitchen skills in a professional way.

In the cooking course, the chef reveals a variety of cooking techniques, serving modes and lots of descriptive knowledge about raw materials and their practical use to achieve the perfect results!

In addition, during the course, students are exposed to practical and practical tips and creative tools from the fruits of the chef’s rich experience, and many complementary ways to ensure your success throughout.

Women / men looking to upgrade their cooking capabilities.

Amateur and affectionate in the field.

Lack of knowledge who want to study in the field, and engage in a highly sought after field.

  • Chef Shai Ohana’s unique learning method, which encompasses a great deal of material in no time!

  • The acquired knowledge is international, innovative and up-to-date in I.P groups, giving personal and individual treatment.

  • Individual exposure at all stages of preparation combined with hands-on practice of course participants.

  • Learning from the classic French foundations to the advanced techniques.

  • The recipes presented at each session are international schools – and through each recipe you learn a variety of techniques, and receive many practical tools required for any amateur or professional, which gives control of raw materials and confidence in the making, and constant success in cooking.

  • We will recognize and use a variety of knives

  • Pilot fish, packet preparation with fish

  • Dismantling chicken and preparing dishes with chicken

  • We will learn about the parts of cattle and the use and preparation of dishes

  • Hot and cold sauces

  • Various additions

  • A rich breakfast

  • Diverse desserts

  • Course students receive a book by the chef rich in descriptive material and relevant recipes for the sessions

  • The course takes place in the morning / evening

  • The course in fancy kosher and with the recommendation of well-known rabbis and educators

12 Meetings | Academic Hours | Each 3 hour academic session

At the end of the course you will receive a certificate from the chef for 48 academic hours

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