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Butchery is a serious occupation that requires extensive theoretical knowledge of anatomy about the meat, beef parts of the cattle, sheep, wingers and their proper uses and uses to produce the right texture and flavor for each part.

In order to be a depleted pace, students are required to learn a comprehensive theoretical and practical study of beef and beef, flock and winged varieties, etc. In order to adequately respond to customers, knowledge is required in producing precursor meats for various types, based and optimal cooking methods for each and every portion along with sanitation and food safety.

The meat and allotment course is a professional course that gives students a professional in the trend of veteran.
In the course, students will receive all theoretical and practical knowledge from Chef Haim Cohen (Master Chef and renowned in the field of allowances) with practical experience.
In addition, the course will include the full content of the Food Sanitation Course according to the official and up-to-date regulations of the Ministry of Health, which is indeed a necessary condition for full control of dealing with meat and food in general.
From the receipt of goods, storage, and proper handling of all raw materials throughout the process to arrival at the customer, it is now known that the demand for food safety rules is more demanding than ever and well-known food businesses are closing down.
In addition, the course will provide students with extensive knowledge in the culinary and cooking world, as has been the usual standard abroad.

Today, there is no institution providing this professional study for the ultra-Orthodox religious sector.

1. To provide basic and extensive knowledge of the meats, their types, cutting methods, handling and cooking.
2. Know the parts of the meat and adapt them to the maximum utilization of all raw materials without waste.
3. To impart professional knowledge in the field of sanitation.

Meat lovers who want to specialize in the field.

  • Opening call – Safety with tools, sharpening and refreshing

  • Material Theory, Introduction to Appropriations

  • The food flow line from supplier to foundation

  • Factors affecting health and food safety

  • Diseases and food poisoning

  • Food acquisition, food labeling and shelf life, fake discovery and prevention

  • Transportation, storage and food maintenance under safe conditions

  • Knowledge of wing owners, theoretical – wing owners and India. Meat sanitation and wing owners.

  • Dismantling and cutting of poultry The division of chicken into parts and their use

  • Preparation of chicken pieces for filling and preparation of fillets, preparation and cooking of chicken samples.

  • Cutting and Laying Methods, Schnitzels, Slices, Meat Pieces, Meatballs and Pastramas. Blends for seasoning, soaking and smoking. The anatomy of the lamb, calf and cattle

  • Controller, knowing parts, and adapting them to recipe types

  • Recognize the appropriate parts of the cattle for roasting. Practical preparations of preparing roasted and roasted dishes. Meat pickling and smoking preparation.

  • Dismantling the lamb, beef and calf chunks and adjusting the types of dishes for the different parts

12 Meetings – Chef Haim Cohen

4 Meetings – Sanitation Trustee Samuel Moldavan

Necessary certificate studies as a condition of adequate salary:

Given that the market for professional allowances is low, there is a growing demand from butchers with a professional certificate in the field.

Also, there are many inquiries from fancy kosher people who want to specialize in the field, and work as a butcher.

We note that an average rate with a little seniority can reach nice and respectable salaries of over NIS 10,000.

16 One Weekly Meetings | 5 hours each session

At the end of the studies, students will receive a certificate from the International Chefs Association, and a sanitation trustee certificate from the Ministry of Health, for the tests.

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