Culinary Entrepreneurship Course

About the course

A professional school cooking course, internationally, for people who want to specialize or upgrade in the field, with the tools to start an independent business. The only course in Israel developed by the international chef method Shai Ohana, a unique teaching method, in small groups V.I.P up to 8 participants – personal and individual treatment.

At the end of the course you will gain complete control of the raw materials, security and extensive knowledge of a variety of cooking styles and gourmet dishes, the right combinations of flavors and the ability to create new dishes.

A course that reveals a lot of information, in a unique method in no time – in 20 sessions, where you will receive many school techniques and practical and practical tools, and creative tools from the chef’s rich experience, without wasting time, unnecessary money and ineffective and relevant study material that will not actually be used by Students in the future.

The recipes presented at each session are an international school – and through each recipe you learn a variety of techniques,
And receive many practical tools required for each cook and many complementary varieties, providing raw material control and confidence in the making, and constant cooking success.

Chef Shai Ohana, sees the workshops as a mission, in the teaching of cooking to others, and therefore exposes all the study material and accompanying tips by 100% so that everyone can succeed!

The course is intended for those interested in integrating in the field of cooks and / or for those interested in starting a culinary business such as restaurant, catering and more.

The course provides skill and mastery in the profession for successful and safe integration in the food field in a variety of roles or alternatively an upgrading of cooks already working in the field as hired or independent and thus leverage their success.
Plus all the knowledge required to set up / run a successful private food business.

  • Individual exposure at all stages of preparation combined with hands-on practice of course participants
  • Learning from classical French foundations to advanced modern techniques
  • Cooking studies around the world: French, Italian, Asian, Mediterranean and more
  • Course participants enjoy close personal accompaniment throughout
  • Build menus, Food Coast, pricing and costs, food depreciation
  • At the end of the course you will gain complete control of the raw materials and security and extensive knowledge in a variety of cooking styles from appetizers, starters, main courses to desserts, gourmet dishes, correct flavors and the ability to create new dishes, as well as gain the knowledge required to start a successful business on all fronts.
  • Bonus: Lesson on opening a business by an accountant
  • bonus: Up-to-date marketing and advertising will help you get a lot of the right customers for you
  • Introduction: The world of knives, hygiene and sanitation, knowledge of institutional kitchen management, cooking methods, cutting methods
  • Finger Food: Cold, hot sauces, kadaiif baskets in a variety of reserves
  • Asian and Italian cuisine: Sushi World, Spring Roll, Focaccia in a variety of flavors
  • Mexican and Moroccan cuisine: tortilla in a variety of fillets, salsa and fries, pasty purses, pastels, cigars
  • Living Salads: Variety of salads using versatile cutting methods, fish pickling, variety
    Wingates: Classic, Thousand Islands, Mustard, Honey Mustard, Balsamic Silan, Herbs, Caesar
    Boiled Salads: Different Styles: Moroccan, Mediterranean, Classic European, Asian, Dip Bolt, Vegetable Pickling
  • Hinges, Soups and Sauces: Soup Types: Fresh, Creamed, Velvety, Mashed and Rich
  • Fish: Fish World, Different Types, Cooking Methods, Fish Pilot, Oven Fish, Oriental Fish, Fried Fish, Salmon Fish in Wine and Herbs Sauce, Grilled Tuna Steak, Fish Roll (Gourmet)
  • Vegetable strudel, puff pastry in a variety of fillings. Combined with sauces, puff pastry baskets in a variety of fillings, stuffed mushrooms.
  • Chicken: Chicken dismantling: Poppies, schnitzels, wings, thighs. Chicken snacks for children, grilled marinated chicken breast, tempura. Chicken Popate, Oven Chicken Parts, Whole Chicken in the Oven – Carving, Grilled Poppies.
  • Beef: Beef portions, beef roast in wine / mushroom sauce, carving roast, stuffed with a variety of French-Mediterranean vegetables.
  • Starting a business, differentiating, marketing and advertising in the technological age

Students receive:
1. A book by the chef, with lots of theoretical study material that includes professional terms, and the raw material theory and a variety of recipes
2. Knife kit and chef shirt
The course takes place in the morning / evening
The course in fancy kosher is recommended by well-known rabbis and educators
Work placement help

20 Meetings | 130 academic hours | Each 5 hour academic session

At the end of the course you will receive a certificate from Chef Shai Ohana for 90 academic hours and a certificate from the National Chefs Association

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