Faithful Sanitation and Food Safety Course

About the course

The course provides the tools and knowledge in the field of sanitation, hygiene and food safety in all procurement, storage, production, preparation and serving processes.

The course provides the student with practical knowledge in food microbiology and its implications for both food and health and diner health.

At the end of the course, a qualified exam will be conducted by the Ministry of Health. Test Submission Terms: Presence in 90% of classes. Graduates who successfully pass the state final exam and meet the criteria will be certified as a “Food Sanitation Trustee” by the Ministry of Health.

Chefs, cooks, chef-confectioners, chefs, buyers, department heads, central / institutional kitchens managers at catering companies, restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, including all businesses for food production and serving in Israel.

  • Fundamentals of Food Microbiology

  • The food flow line from supplier to foundation

  • Factors affecting health and food safety

  • Diseases and food poisoning

  • Food acquisition, food labeling and shelf life, fake discovery and prevention

  • Transportation, storage and food maintenance under safe conditions

  • Raw and cooked food preservation methods

  • Transitions from one mode to another, such as cooling, freezing, thawing, heating, and reheating

  • Regulations and Terms – Business Licensing and Institutional Kitchens

    Employee hygiene and its impact on food safety

5 One Weekly Meetings | 4 hours each session

Those who pass the Ministry of Health examinations will be given a “Sanitary Trustee” certificate

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