Sushi workshop and Asian cooking

About the workshop

Now you too can learn from international chef Shai Ohana, prepare Asian food, in your private kitchen without leaving home!

It is important that you know

Significant discount – after learning how to make sushi and Asian food in the workshop, you can save hundreds of shekels, often enjoying a luxurious Asian meal for your family.

Elegant Kosher – The raw materials are kosher, the workshop is for women and men in separate groups.

Active Workshop – Workshop participants take an active part in preparing and assembling the dishes

The topics studied

  • In the workshop you will learn the principles of making sushi, from making rice to making rollers in a variety of styles.
  • Asian miso soup
  • Roast rich noodles with chicken and vegetable pieces.
  • Sping roll combined with sweet and sour sauce.
  • Asian salad with creamy peanut butter rich sauce.
  • Banana dessert in Tempura

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